Travel Action Group – consultations

On this page we signpost selected local or national consultations relevant to sustainable travel or transport. Follow the links to find out what they’re about and how to respond as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

We plan to send a formal “Transition Tavistock” response to some of these, so if you live or work in the Tavistock area, share our aims and want to help shape it, do get in touch (

The draft Plan for West Devon from West Devon BC is out for consultation. It covers a number of themes, eg community wellbeing, homes, natural environment. Transport does not get its own section but is mentioned in and relevant to several of them. Responses can be given through a survey. Closing date (we think) 5pm 6th Sept 2021.

Plymouth City Council are proposing improvements to the section of the A386 between Woolwell and The George. Tavistock travellers by any mode will be familiar with congestion here. Do the changes give sufficient attention to those on foot, cycle or bus? Comments can be made using a simple form. Deadline 5pm 12th Sept 2021.

Plymouth City Council have now published their draft Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan, with comments open until 8th Oct 2021. Is it visionary? Does it take account of national guidance on eg separation of pedestrians, cycles & cars? If you commute from West Devon by cycle (or would if safe enough), does it improve your journey? (Worth looking at anyhow to learn the jargon if we hope to influence a future Devon equivalent.)

See our responses to previous consultations here.