Our Green Open Homes – Oct 15

10th and 11th October 2015 across the area

We are finalising the details of our Green Open Homes for 2015.  The final list will be available soon.

The options for visiting the homes on a bus or walking tour (during event) are available here.

You may also be interested in checking out the homes which were open in previous events here.

Home         Location                                                      Opening Times

Home 1  –   5 Campion Rise, Tavistock                              Sun. only … 

Home 2  –   Corfe, Maudlins Lane,  Tavistock                  Sat. and Sun. …

Home 3 –   Lumburn Rise, Tavistock                               Sat. and Sun. …

Home 4  –   Bush Park, Brentor                                      Sat. and Sun. .          case study 

Home 5 –    Youlditch Farm House, Peter Tavy           Sat. and Sun. … case study … see also (i)

Home 6 –    Dartmoor Holidays – Old Sowtontown         Sat. and Sun.

Home 7 –    Merrivale Farm Office & Training, Merrivale  Saturday only

Home 8 –  Clanage, Crapstone                                   Saturday afternoon  only        

Home 9  – Hunters Oak, Bere Alston                            Sat. and Sun.       

Home  10 – 3, Morwellham Cottages, Morwellham       Sat. and Sun.

Home 11 –   Woodovis Park, Chipshop                        Sunday only         

Home 12  –   12 Woolwell Drive, Roborough                 Sat. and Sun.        

(i)  Additional information on Youlditch Farm House available here: Youlditch Farm House Energy Efficiency supplementaryYoulditch Studio Energy Efficiency