We’re all spending, on average, more than £1000 per household on energy – for every 1000 households that’s over £1,000,000 per annum. Most of this is lost to our economy, paid out to one of the Big 6 energy companies.
We have an opportunity to work together, as a community, to reduce the amount we’re spending. Reducing the amount we’re using in our homes and businesses through energy reduction; and looking at ways we can generate more heat and power locally for community benefit.

Energy Savers

Would you like to reduce your bills by conserving energy or generating it from a local source? 

Energy Savers has been developed to help you reduce your bills by conserving energy or generating it from a renewable source.

A fortnight of Energy Savers events took place in September 2014 and in October 2015. Our next events will be in October 2016.

You can find all the details about the events and our Energy Savers programme here.

For questions email or call 07969-569-444).

Energy Saving Case Studies

If you think your home or business could provide an interesting case study, please get in touch (

South West Devon Community Energy Partnership

Transition Tavistock chairs the SWD CEP. This brings together the community energy groups from across West Devon, S. Hams and Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA)together with the local authorities. This unique partnership is just over a year old and making good progress. A Strategic Energy Study was recently undertaken by University of Exeter, and the results are available to download at

Energy Reduction

We’ve outlined a number of practical measures you might like to consider to help with energy reduction.

Retrofitting properties to make them more energy efficient can be a worthwhile investment. The Government are encouraging householders, in particular, to undertake an assessment of their properties; and gain an understanding of the best energy reduction options.

There are a number of different assessment types. We have prepared an information sheet on Energy Assessment to provide a better understanding.
The Green Deal is one option for financing retrofit work. A Green Deal Information Sheet is available here

A wide range of information is also available from the SEACS (Sustainable Energy across the Common Space) EU project.


Energy Generation

Please find the latest information here on Feed in Tarrifs (FITs)

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