Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – a great opportunity

GDHIF was introduced by Government in June 2014

  • New incentive scheme to improve the energy efficiency of your home linked to the Green Deal.
  • Open to all householders, tenants and landlords in England and Wales
  • Provides a choice of 2 core incentive offers, and where you qualify, 2 add-on bonus rewards across a range of energy saving home improvements.

How does the offer work?

Choose offers 1 and/or 2, then add on offers 3 and/or 4 if applicable


Core offer   1:   Two energy saving measures
  • Up   to £1,000 grant for installing 2 eligible energy saving measures from a list   of 12 (see table)
Core offer   2:Solid Wall Insulation
  • Up   to £6,000 grant for solid wall insulation.
  • The   applicant must contribute at least 25% of the total cost
  •   Must insulate at least 50% of the external   walls of the property
Add-On 3:Home Buyer Bonus
  • An   extra £500 bonus for those that have bought a house in the last 12 months
Add-On 4:Green Deal Assessment Report refund
  • Up to £100 towards the cost of a Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR) that is tailored to your home

 Who can apply (applicants)?

  •   Householders
  •   Tenants*
  •   Landlords*
*Scheme   is open to both private and social tenants and landlords.The   person who pays the majority of the costs can apply (the applicant).

Who can do the work?

                                                                      The work can be done by a Green Deal   Approved Provider and/or Installer registered with   the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.Horrabridge Energy Savers (HES)/Transition   Tavistock can provide you with details of local GDA Providers and Installers.   You can also find a list here:

Eligible energy saving measures for Core Offer 1

Any two of the following improvement measures:

Improvement Quantity
Cavity wall insulation At least 50% of external walls
A Condensing gas boiler on mains gas One
Secondary glazing At least 50% of windows
Double/triple glazing (replacing   single glazing) At least 50% of windows
Flat roof insulation Entire roof above an individual   property
Replacement warm air unit One
Fan-assisted storage heaters At least 3
Energy efficient replacement   external doors At least 2
Floor insulation At least 50% ground floor
Room-in-roof insulation All the roof
Flue Gas Heat Recovery One
Waste water heat recovery One

For more details and how to apply get in touch with us and/or download our information sheet here: GDHIF – handout – v2