Book group

Abstract picture of a pile of books on a shelf
“Green” books you’ve been meaning to read? Or have read and want to discuss with others?

Transition Tavistock Sustainability Book Group

A chance to reflect on books by some of the inspirational writers with ideas on how to live sustainably and respond well to the climate and nature crises. We currently meet online, through Zoom. No cost, but registration in advance, via Eventbrite, needed for each meeting to get the joining details.

We encourage consideration of ethics and sustainability when buying books, as with all purchases. You can also borrow print or e-book copies via Devon Libraries.

A 10% discount on the selected book will usually be available from BookStop, 3 Market St, Tavistock (Check in meeting details.)

Less is More: how degrowth will save the world by Jason Hickel

“By shining a light on ecological breakdown and the system that’s causing it, Hickel shows how we can bring our economy back into balance with the living world and build a thriving society for all.”

BookStop, Tavistock offer a 10% discount if you let them know you are buying it in association with this book group.

Register here to get meeting link.

Future titles and dates are chosen by those taking part and announced in Transition Tavistock’s monthly newsletter.

Books we’ve recently read:

The Future We Choose by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac (2021)

“The future is ours to create: …. it is time to turn from indifference or despair and towards a stubborn, determined optimism”

“The Green Grocer” by Richard Walker (2021)

A manifesto for corporate activism by the Managing Director of Iceland Foods

“English Pastoral: an inheritance” by James Rebanks (2020).

“His message of respect for the old ways and understanding of the complexities of farming for the future make this a really important book.”

“Doughnut Economics” by Kate Raworth (2017)

“Identifies seven critical ways in which mainstream economics has led us astray … and offers an alternative …. that meets the needs of all within the means of the planet.”