Travel Action Group

Advocating for ways of getting to and around the Tavistock area that are better for people and planet than dependence on fossil fuels.

Local travel as it could be?

Our group meetings share views on how easy it is to use sustainable transport around the Tavistock area and to nearby towns – and ideas for how it could be better and more inclusive in future. Frequent, well-connected public transport in all directions; easy to walk, use a wheelchair or cycle to reach facilities; leading rather than lagging in the shift to low emission vehicles for both personal and business travel? What changes would you make?

Join us at our next Travel Action Group meeting:

Topics at recent meetings have included climate change action with our councils, encouraging car-free tourism, obstacles on pavements, rail developments, commuter cycle routes, electric vehicle charging, and facilities at the bus station.

Although our April and June 2020 meetings were cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions, we’re keeping in touch and working on our aims in other ways. Join our travel e-news list for details of how you can help now, and to hear about future meetings. Contact

We’re keen to involve individuals, groups and businesses who want to shape this vision for mobility, influence decisions and encourage people to change travel habits. Whether your concern is potholed pavements or diesel fumes, cycle safety or bus routes, get in touch on

Influencing decision makers

Which body is responsible for what in transport? And what they up to? We’re still learning, and will signpost some of the things we’ve found useful.

One of the things we can do, individually or together, is respond to official consultations which affect sustainable travel. We list selected ones here. Further suggestions welcome. Our responses to past consultations can be found here.

We’re currently collating ideas on practical changes needed to help people keep up the increased levels of walking and cycling which we’ve seen during lockdown. Let us know your ideas – direct email above. We also recommend adding them to the map on .

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