Draught busting

An important low cost measure is keeping the heat in through draught busting: keeping out those draughts, especially around doors and windows, through floors and up chimneys.

energy savers draught busting and secondary glazing manual cover

Download our draught busting manual or get in touch if you’d like a hard copy for £3.

We recommend draught excluder strips which are tried and tested with other communities across the UK. We can supply these at a competitive price. Download an Order Form and email back to us or give us a call. There’s a guide to measuring doors and windows for draft excluder strips in the manual or you can download separately.

If you’d like to see draught busting in action we can organise a draught busting workshop for you and your neighbours. We come along to your house with our draught busting kit and demonstrate to everyone how to install the draught busting measures … and you get some of your draught busting done in the process!

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