Dealing with Damp

Damp is a serious problem. It’s important to try and find out the cause.

Damp is mainly caused by condensation of water vapour in the air, forming on cold areas on walls and windows.
There are other reasons for damp such as leaky pipes, rain entering the structure either directly or from guttering and drainpipes. This is often called ‘penetration damp’.
‘Rising damp’ results from water rising up from the ground. This is the least common cause.

Download our dealing with damp information table here. It will help you understand what actions you can take to reduce damp in your home, and related costs.

Moisture in the air is known as ‘humidity’.
You may find it useful to have a humidity meter in the home. You can get these on line. We have simple temperature and humidity meter’s available for £5.



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  1. Sean

    Thanks for supplying the dealing with damp PDF. It’s a really good idea and an easy way to diagnose damp problems – which can sometimes be very confusing to figure out!


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