About the Local Economic Blueprint

We’re working to understand the amount of our ‘hard earned’ money spent on goods and services which leaves the local economy with minimal local benefit; and developing with stakeholders a supported three year plan to enable increasing proportions of our needs to be fulfilled through local supply chains … to strengthen our local communities and stimulate jobs and enterprise. We’re looking at local food, local energy generation and domestic retrofit.

Tavistock and District?

It’s not just about Tavistock Town but Tavistock’s linked parishes upon which the town depends. You’ll be surprised how much is happening in the parishes as well as the town itself.

After much consideration we’re including all the Southern Link Parishes, where data allows.
If you have any thoughts on this let us know.

Who’s involved?

We’re being supported by a Stakeholder Network, Sector experts, other support organisations, our mentors and our local professional team of volunteers.

Stakeholder Network

Our stakeholders are helping us shape the Blueprint and the Plan. They’ll work with us over the next three years to help make it happen.
Stakeholders include: Devon County Council, West Devon Borough Council, Tavistock Town Council, Buckland Monochoram, Bere Ferrers and Dartmoor Forest Parish Councils, Dartmoor National Park Authority, Tavistock Chamber of Commerce, Tavistock BID, Tavistock Business Association, Federation of Small Businesses, Mount Kelly College, Tavistock College and the Institute of Sustainability Solutions Research (ISSR) at Plymouth University.

Sector Experts

We’re recruiting local experts through the supply chains for food and drink. domestic retrofit and local energy generation … from field to fork (including end consumers)
This will form the basis of a local directory of businesses involved in these sectors.

You can find the draft Directory here soon. Please let us know if you have any additions.

If you’d like to be involved as a sector expert, would like to be included in the directory or can provide voluntary support in putting the directory together please get in touch.

Other support organisations

A number of organisations are available to provide support to us as a team and to our sector experts. These include:
DR who manage Greater Dartmoor LEAF – a fund which will be re-opening in early 2015 with approx. £2m to support local qualifying projects.
BIP who provide business support to start up and more mature small and medium sized enterprises.

Our Mentors

Totnes and Dsitrct Local Economic Blueprint

The first Local Economic Blueprint was developed by Transition Town Totnes and the Transition Network during 2012 and 2013. They’re providing us with welcome advice and support!

Our local blueprint team

• Kate Royston
• Kit Harbottle
• Liz Whitwell
• Simon Platten

How’s it being funded?

The Local Economic Blueprint is a time hungry initiative. We have been spending time identifying and working with local stakeholders, sector experts and others … undertaking the research to develop a sound local evidence base to inform the report and three year plan … and ensuring its supported locally. This is a community led initiative for the benefit of the local community.

So far, the work is being funded by West Devon Borough Council through an Economic Development Grant, Tavistock Town Team, Tamar Valley AONB and the unpaid time of our professional blueprint team.

If you’re able to make a contribution, or know someone who might, please let us know (info@transitiontavistock.org.uk).

What’s happened so far? The Blueprint development …

These are the key steps we’ve taken.

  • Promoted project and secured initial funding from West Devon Borough Council, Tavistock Town Team and Tamar Valley AONB
  • Recruited local stakeholders to own project
  • Agreed initial vision for our food and energy economy with stakeholders at an event in Kingdon House on 6th October
  • Recruited food and energy sector experts to support project
  • Undertaken secondary research from information available in public domain
  • Worked with sector experts and others to gather primary research
  • Reviewed findings with stakeholders and sector experts
  • Developed analysis and findings and prepared reports
  • Published Food and Drink report on 11th August 2015

You can find more details here.

Work-in-progress …

Food Report

The Food Report has been completed and published in August 2015.

The outline of the three year action plan will be developed with stakeholders at an event on Monday 14th September, and further developed as a collaborative exercise over the coming months.

Energy Report – Local Energy Generation and Retrofit

The primary and secondary research and report writing is still under-way for the Energy Report. The Draft is being prepared for discussion at our event on September 14th 2015.

Work that’s been undertaken

Primary Research

We’re been consulting with local food and drink businesses across the supply chain to find out more about their businesses and their buying habits. If you’d like to participate please get in touch (info@transitiontavistock.org.uk).

We’re also starting to compile a directory of local businesses involved in the food and drink, domestic retrofit and local energy generation sectors as mentioned previously.

Secondary research  

We’re scouring public domain information to develop our evidence base of local spending habits and potential. If you know of any local information you think would be useful please let us know.

Up and coming events

Stakeholder event to launch the Blueprint and develop road map

Monday September 14th. Venue to be confirmed.

Public launch of the Local Economic Blueprint

The Public Launch will take place on November 6th 2015 at 12:30 … at the Tavistock Chamber Business Show. Please come and join us..

Other Local Economic Blueprints across the UK and Europe

Local Economic Blueprints have now been completed in:
Lambeth and Brixton

They are also underway in:

and Tavistock!

Devon Convergence

Interested in Local Economy initiatives across Devon? A convergence took place in February 2015 and a number of initiatives are being considered as a result … including looking at the potential for a Bank of Devon.

Want to know more? Email info@transitiontavistock.org.uk

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