Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

The first meeting of the group will be Wednesday 25th April at 7.30pm at Mike Dennis’ at 49 Milton Crescent, Tavistock.
When the Transition Movement was started they proposed a sub group entitled Heart and Soul. The idea was to identify what motivates people to change and to explore ways that we can help others to take change on board and develop changes in behaviour to prepare for a new society which is resilient and just.
Al Head is keen to open up an opportunity for Tavistock residents to develop something similar under the heading of Inner Transition or Hearts and Minds (you have the opportunity to influence the choice of name). The group may explore the emotional side of transition, consider what do we need to do to prepare ourselves emotionally for the new society that is coming, and that we are hoping to help create? How are old patterns of feeling and thinking stopping us from thinking positively about change? How do we help those around us to embrace new ways of thinking, rather than clinging to the past ways of seeing the world?
If we can engage with those in the community who may think that transition is all about large scale projects or are frightened to face the new world ahead and provide them with positive insights into what individuals can do to change from within, then this may help form a more secure foundation for them to step out into what will be our shared tomorrow.
If you are interested and cannot get to the first meeting, please let Al or Mike know and they can feed back to you on the outcomes and future dates.

If you would like to start a working group or would like to play an active role in how Tavistock and the surrounding area faces the challenges of Climate Change, Peak Oil and the difficult economic climate then please get in touch (mailto:transitiontavistock@googlemail.com; phone 01822 835819) or come along to Green Drinks and have a chat.

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