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A new and exciting programme for the region…

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Resilience and Reconnection in Challenging Times
• Do you feel as if you are working even harder than ever before?
• Are your struggling to focus on core values and the bigger picture.
• How can connecting with your personal passions and purpose help you in your work?
• Do you want a chance to just stop, reflect and think about what you wish to be
focusing on?
Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day; that “to-do” list just doesn’t end,
the budgets are getting tighter, the demands seem to be increasing, and you wonder what
you are really here for, what is your purpose? Where is your passion? What do you want to
look back on life and feel proud of doing?These days are about creating a space, to listen, to connect, to support, to share, and to challenge!
Some of the themes we’ll be exploring are; Resilience and Reconnection,
Stepping into your Inner Power, and Leadership and Values.

  • 12th March 2015
  • The Bedford Hotel, Tavistock
  • 10am to 3.30pm , £95 (including lunch)

To register for this Personal Development Day, please contact or Tel: 07798 676 796. Check out flyer for more information.

Transition Tavistock is not organising this event and has no responsibility for its content or quality.

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