Our Open Homes – Sept. 2014

Our Open Homes – 13th and 14th September 2014

The options for visiting the homes on a bus or walking tour (during event) are here.
You may also be interested in checking out the home which were open in January 2014.

Home         Location                                                      Opening Times

Home 1 –   Pannier Market, Tavistock                           Sat. only  …        case study available soon… 

Home 2 –   29 West Street, Tavistock                            Sat. and Sun. … case study 

Home 3 –   Tiddybrook House, Tavistock                       Sat. only. …        case study

Home 4 –   New Generation Energy, Tavistock              Sat. only …         

Home 5 –   Dartmoor Holidays, Old Sowtontown           Sat. and Sun. … case study

Home 6 –   Youlditch Farm House, Peter Tavy               Sat. and Sun. … case study … see also (i)

Home 7 –   Bush Park, Brentor                                      Sat. only …          case study 

Home 8 –   Wonnacott Farm, Lewdown                         Sat. & Sun.(call)  case study

Home 9 –   Woodovis Park, Chipshop                           Sunday only         case study available soon

Home 10 – Hunters Oak, Bere Alston                            Sat. and Sun.       case study available soon

Home 11 –  The Counthouse, Weir Quay                      Sat. and Sun.        case study available soon

Home 12 –   Rumour, Collytown, Bere Ferrers              Sun pm only. …     case study

Home 13 –  Lechmere, Yelverton                                   Sunday only.        case study

Home 14 –  Clanage, Crapstone                                   Sat. and Sun.        case study available soon

Home 15 –  Sunny Waters, Crapstone                         Sat. and Sun.        case study available soon

Home 16 –   Keepers Cottage, Tamerton Foliot            By appointment  .. case study

Home 17 –   12 Woolwell Drive, Roborough                 Sat. and Sun.        case study available soon

(i)  Additional information on Youlditch Farm House available here: Youlditch Farm House Energy Efficiency supplementaryYoulditch Studio Energy Efficiency

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