Climate Matters

Climate Change – the Communication Challenge

In partnership with Learn Devon we ran a three session course in summer 2019, drawing on research based guidance from Climate Outreach

It is likely that we will run an updated version of this in 2020. Get in touch if you are interested in participating, or would like to adapt the approach to use elsewhere.

Climate Matters and EU Referendum

We held a public meeting with a guest  expert on environmental law to explore the issues prior to the referendum, on 7th June 2016. Find out more here

Climate Matters – Key Themes

Two dozen people came together to join a discussion event on 30th January 2016. We all had diverse backgrounds and a range of knowledge of climate change and involvement in tackling it. Importantly we all see it as a vital issue which is relevant to Tavistock.
A rich mix of ideas for learning, influencing and acting locally emerged from open space style discussion. Detailed notes have been sent to those who came.

Key themes which emerged were:
A range of local organisations acknowledge climate change as a risk to their work, and have some commitment to tackling it. These include public bodies, businesses, charities and interest groups. Transition Tavistock is recognised as having a key role.

More “connecting up” of different organisations, and individuals who care but are not part of a group, is desirable, for mutual encouragement and to share ideas, but without formality or a new structure.

More public awareness of climate change is vital to support the changes needed, but should be through inspiration and empowerment. People accept that climate change is happening but it seems unreal, and there is a prevalent myth of continual growth.
Topical events such as flooding provide opportunities for conversation and sharing information, personally and via media. Links to everyday choices such as food, energy and transport help people see what they can do.

While there is information on the media or internet for those who look for it, more could be done to interest & inform, both by public bodies (schools, councils etc), and through events run by TT or some of the groups above. Local events to provide a focus could include showing films, talks (eg in Wharf programme) Practical projects such as Tasty Tavy engage in a creative way.

Influencing decision makers (MP, councillors, international negotiations) is important. There is a range of campaigns run by charities, pressure groups and political parties, and people will make their own choice of what to support. All of them benefit from visible public recognition that the issue is important and that alternative futures are possible.
There are many encouraging examples around the country of action to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and model alternative ways of getting energy, food etc. The Transition Network signposts many, and there are also national movements within eg churches.

Next steps agreed were to collect information from participants about how they might be involved in future, circulate the meeting notes, and consider setting up a local communication channel (eg Facebook).

Meanwhile all participants who were willing have been added to this Transition Tavistock newsletter which signposts many local events and opportunities.

If you’d like to know more about Climate Matters and the EU Referendum join our event on Tues 7th June. More details here.

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